Thursday, April 2, 2009

Basic Walk Cycle

cracked open my copy of the Animators Survival Kit. thought i'd finally use it and learn a bit. Was meant to be a rough and clean up later with proper arms and head, but i kinda liked the way it looked with all the colours and the gimpy arm. 


unsummon said...

sweet, you should have totally done this for that animation project last year. {:/

Chris Zammit said...

i should have done a lot of stuff last year but shit happens.

glad you like it, gonna be hitting the animation hardish, force it into my head, its well satisfying. :]

hows uni going, people rarely post their work up and im always tres interested.

unsummon said...

animation is harrrrd, but that's kind of why i chose it. i would be so successful right now if i'd just stuck to illustration. ;_; i feel like i'm getting better, though.

uni's good, people's work has actually been pretty exemplary this year i think. i'm not really happy with anything of mine yet, but so it goes.