Friday, September 23, 2011

11 seconds club - endzone wip

So yea i haven't posted anything in a while, well basically with having to move back to Cardiff plus finding a new flat (which we got now woo) and also trying to find a job and also living in a cluttered room full of boxes and suitcases with barely enough room for my girlfriend and i..well there hasn't been much time or feeling to draw anything. 
If i can make enough room to get the scanner setup i'll get some doodles up.

So i did some animation for the first time in ages, my girlfriend helped me out with how to work flash <3 (my memory is absolute garbage) and i lazily got on with some straight ahead animation, was fun to see little accidents and uncertainties turn into something that sort of works.
 My attention span eventually gave out but i might finish this at a later date, maybe with some sort of plan first. <: 0

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