Monday, October 17, 2011


plus my trusty wacom tablet that's been with me for 4 good years i fear is bugging on me, halfway through drawing i realised the cursor is vibrating from left to right erratically, no idea why, guess it's old age :(
Ah well I've been drawing a lot lately with 5B pencils and using my lightbox for the first time since i bought it 2 years ago LOL! It's like photoshop...but more awesome who would have known? Once i dust the cobwebs off my scanner i'll post them up :)


Francys Pai said...

You've really got your shading down. Damn...I'm always scared of using dark shades.

Chris Zammit said...

thanks, yea dark tones can be quite daunting, just practice i'd say, i still have to force myself to do some lighting studies at some point...right after the perspective ones x)