Thursday, March 1, 2012

Late night drawing - Long time no blog

It's been a while since I've drawn anything for myself let alone blogged something. I've been feeling a bit inspired after I went to Cardiff's comic and animation expo this past Saturday (thanks Luke for the ticket :) ), I was sifting through boxes of old comics randomly picking some out to see what I found and to my surprise and joy I found 10 Moebius comics! Six of them made up the story 'The Elsewhere Prince' which was written by Moebius and art by Eric Shanower an insanely talented artist I've never heard of before and glad to have stumbled upon as his work is mindbogglingly good and really inspiring. Really feel like doing a comic now..


- ieuan protheroe - said...

Ah dude ive missed your posts :) nice to see you come back :D keep on drawing dude you have some sweet skills ! this illustrations awesome ! your anatomys are always in proportion, you have a good eye !

Stephanie Seed said...

:D love this :D

Do a comic, I'll write it ;)

Chris Zammit said...

cheers Ieuan + steph, I've missed it too